Edward's favorite piece Edward's creative talents originally led him into the extra space of his home. This setup worked at first because he just had one small kiln and a small amount of glass. This space was already a workshop for his previous interests in jewelry and was getting quite cramped. He decided to build onto the already existing second garage to create a studio space of his own. Construction of the studio was completed in 2004 and is fully functional save some layout and decoration decisions.


One of three kilns Edward enjoys working in his studio when he has the time. After transferring his small kiln over to the studio he has since aquired two more larger kilns. His studio addition is 40 x 20 feet comprised of both his gallery and workspace. The gallery portion has numerous display cases for Edward's work and boasts a comfortable atmosphere for customers and guests alike. The workspace portion is filled with all types of glass and various tool used to create his designs. Edward uses his skills and passions to create wonderful glass designs. Becuase the materials he works with can have endless variation no two pieces are alike.