Edward Eberhardt Edward Eberhardt's fascination with art started with handmade jewelry and art glass from different parts of the world. He took a master gemstone cutting course after college and started commercial jewelry pieces. He wanted to be more imaginative and developed wearable free-form art in silver and gold. But he still wanted to express his faith more to others and found Precious Metal Clay (Fine silver .999) after taking certified PMC classes. This art form allowed him to design pieces from the heart and be guided by the Spirit, going outside the traditional guidelines of commercial jewelry. Each piece is hand made and truly unique. The Fine silver pieces are first sculpted and dried before being placed into a hot kiln for many hours. Then each piece is cleaned and polished or stained for different effects for a special person to enjoy, wear and collect.


Ed is interested in glass sculpture and took certified fused glass classes from a well known studio in Maryland. This led him to design pieces in glass to show more colorful expressions in life. All of his pieces are made one at a time, taking hours to design, cleave, and or cut before the slow process of firing in a kiln. Some pieces can go into a kiln 3 times before achieving the final form and each piece is signed and marked.

Edward would love to hear what you think about his creations and feel free to OBFUSCATED EMAIL